These questions duplicate those first asked at the ISTE 2014 Iron Tech challenge. Additional answers will be posted as they come in.


What are the challenges?

The challenges and the ingredients are all listed on this page. You’ll choose a challenge, but you’ll have to create your project within the parameters of the ingredients you end up choosing. Your final project shouldn’t be concrete- this is about creating a huge, conceptual idea that doesn’t necessarily have to be totally plausible! Go wild!

Do I have to bring friends? Can I show up alone?

Absolutely! We’re going to start the first session by explaining the concept and asking you to choose the challenge you are most interested in doing (there are four options). After selecting one of those options, you’ll meet like-minded session attendees and do an icebreaker activity. After all that, you’ll finally form teams and choose ingredients. We promise that you won’t feel like the last kid getting picked for dodgeball… part of the purpose of this session is to provide you with an engaging way to network and meet new people!

What can I do for my final project?

Anything you want! As long as you follow the basic guidelines, I hope you end up being as creative as possible! Create a presentation, make a movie, build a website… the possibilities are only as limitless as your motivation.

Do you have any additional questions?

Sent an email to I’ll add the answer to this page!